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About XenoSTART

XenoSTART, founded in 2007, is a translational research organization focused on creating relevant preclinical cancer models.  Our xenograft models represent each cancer type and disease stage and are established from patients at our domestic and international cancer centers.  The XenoSTART Patient-Derived Xenograft (XPDX) platform includes over 2,500 models annotated with each donor patient’s cancer treatment and outcome data and characterized using IHC, DNA/RNA sequencing, and relevant in vivo drug efficacy.

​Our XPDX models are clinically annotated and include patient treatment history and outcome and are characterized through genomic profiling, histologic analysis, and in vivo drug sensitivity to relevant standards of care. These models may be utilized in the following manner: 

  • In vivo PK/PD and efficacy studies

  • In vivo efficacy panel screens (indication or target focused)

  • In licensing of models for internal studies

  • Custom model development 

  • Orthotopic and radiotherapy studies 

  • Ex vivo and organoid studies

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